Why Us

Why did we make doppel?

First of all we think its time for a social playground that’s fresh where you can be yourself and you own the content you put up so you can delete it at any time from the app.

We also believe that similar people are more likely to predict what you'll like than search engines or friends on social networks. This means it's time for a change.

We believe that once you've been synced with similar people you'll really enjoy using our app.

How do we sync you with similar people?

By allowing you to rate things like news, music, tv shows, video games or one of our other categories. Once we find people who think the same way you do, then you guys will, for example, start designing feeds for each other (just by interacting or better yet rating how much you do or don't like what you just read) or picking songs for each other or helping each other in any number of other ways.

What all of this produces is a way to save time and make better choices that suit you.

Why did we add social media to our recommendation engine?

We believe you should be able to take more control of your environment and decide for yourself how your social media should work. Plus we think it's good to know which of your friends are most similar to you so you can have hard data to back up your instincts about other people.